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My latest issue of Rolling Stone arrived today and of course I turned to the first section to which I always do - the new releases. The cover story is the new Nine Inch Nails album (!!!) (Year Zero) and the first paragraph of the review pays literary homage to a video that hit YouTube not too long ago - Sad Kermit singing Reznor's anthem Hurt from Pretty Hate Machine. Several folks have covered this tune; but my personal favorite is Johnny Cash. He recorded it shortly after his wife, June Carter Cash, past away and takes the song to a deeper place than even Reznor was capable. RIP Johnny.

However, a new twist has been taken by the king Muppet himself and let's just say that this ain't for the short set. My apologies to the late, great Mr. Jim Henson (whom we lost much too soon) who is no doubt spinning ever so slightly in his grave; but this really is a work of creative genius. So, go ahead and click below to view. Then, if the guilt you feel is just a bit overwhelming (as it was for me), click for therapy and sing along. It'll bring a smile to your face - promise.

Sad Kermit
Therapy :)


Me Peepers

So, the eye doctor told me that I should try not to 'strain' my eyes so much or I'm going to end up back in bifocals (bad enough that my contacts are now two different scripts). Suggestions included things such as less time at the computer, less time performing 'close' tasks at work, getting some reading glasses, etc... As I really don't feel like going back to 'geek city' (I've got enough trouble without the bifocal stigma), I think the first thing I'll do is enlarge the font here on **Monkeyshines**. Gotta start someplace, right?


My sincere apologies for the lack of posts as of recently. Things have just gotten nutty again. I have the second PJ post nearly done, so I'm hoping to get that out next week. Planned it for this week, but my computer decided to have a small fit and froze up earlier this week which caused me to lose 1/2. However, I figured I should get out something; so why not fill everyone in on my fun times with the pet food recall??

So, as you've all probably heard, there has been a major recall of pet food in this country by Menu Foods, Inc. (and other producers of popular pet products) due to a contamination of the wheat gluten that is used in some products like gravy bases and treat fillings. I'm still wondering how enough melamine (a plastic for those of you who may not know) got into the pet food supply to cause toxicity. Seriously, I would have figured that an animal would have to ingest a whole hell of a lot of something for it to cause renal failure. And now, of course, China is saying that they have no record of anything in the wheat gluten that they shipped. All 792 metric tons of it!

In addition to this horror, United Foods Inc (as well as a few others) has found salmonella poisoning in some of their pet food products. The list is just getting longer; and if you add it up, it's getting to the point where not all that much that's left on the market is safe right now.

So, really, why am I whining? Well, my fuzzy child may be a victim here. When the recall was initially announced in March, I thought nothing of it. There was NBC stating that the tainted food was sold under names such as Safeway brand, Authority, and 'Ole Roy. Kudos to animals that can digest the stuff, but I pay for the 'good' stuff due to my kitty's chancy tummy. Are we safe though? Oh hell no! I come to find out that just about everything she's been eating for years is on this recall list - Neutro, Natural Choice, Science Diet, and Iams just to name a few. This brought two things to the forefront of my frontal lobe:

1. I'm paying double/triple for the same crap that's sitting in the store brand.
2. Kitty has probably been barfing for a reason.

So, like a good pet parent I switch foods immediately. Even went to the local vet to get some prescription diet to be really safe. A week goes by and she starts acting squirrely - lost interest in eating the way she once did and started drinking water like it's going out of style. Granted, these symptoms can be caused by a countless number of issues (diabetes and intestinal inflammation are just two of the possible choices). So, today, we were off to the vet.

I got the 'look' (you know the one: not overly concerned, yet somewhat grave all at the same time) from the good doctor who announces that they should get a full profile on her. So, back she went for a full blood workup and a urine culture. Now I get to sit around until next week to see if her kidneys are failing. And boy won't I be pissed if they are.

Long story short, if you even THINK that your pet has ingested any of these products you should get him/her to the vet pronto. I say this because the symptoms of renal failure can be undetectable at first, especially in felines. In many cases, by the time the symptoms are showing up consistently, it can be too late. So, here are the links to ALL of the companies involved. Each link will take you to the list showing ALL the recalled pet products from that particular company. Please, if you have a pet, (or even if you just know someone who does and may not have full access to info) read this and read it carefully. Then, even if you think that your pet may have eaten any of the listed products, call your vet for an appointment. Believe me, you'll sleep better; and your furry friend will thank you.

Menu Foods - CATS
Menu Foods - DOGS
Del Monte Foods
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc
Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Sunshine Mills
United Foods/Eight in One Inc