It Comes But Once Every Four Years...

Yes, it's 'Leap Day' and I think I'm posting just for the sake of letting others know that yes, I am indeed still among the living. I survived my work 'marathon' (albeit barely) and spent today cleaning my apartment and getting my life back into a semblance of order. I'm so behind on everything now that it's darn near scary - but at least I have clean socks. So, rather than freak out and try to accomplish everything in a day, I parked my kiester on my couch this afternoon and watched a few episodes of the phenomenon that I missed until now: The Tudors. I highly recommend it to any of you out there that might like to watch the corruption and smut of the 16th century.

And with that, I think I shall return to my divot on the couch and refuel for tomorrow...


Super G-Men

They beat Dallas - in Dallas.
They beat Green Bay - in Green Bay.

They proved everyone wrong.

Now they've landed in Pheonix to play the Patriots for all the marbles.

Go Giants Go!!!

And even if they don't win (although I have a firm belief that they will; albeit in a squeaker), I'll still be smiling...


Ready, Set, FAWM!

Welcome to a very special Friday edition of 'NRT'. Today, Friday, February 1st, marks the first day of FAWM (February Album Writing Month) 2008. Bring on 29 days of music making joy!

For those of you unfamiliar with the joys of FAWM, here's the quick and dirty:Back in 2003, four music lovers in Madison Wisconsin got together with the idea to make the darkest, coldest and shortest month of the year something special - each of them write 14 songs in 28 days. Needless to say, they had more material for the weekly 'open mike night' at the campus pub than ever before and plenty of folks (myself included) were quite impressed that most of the work was completed in just a day or two.

Now, it's five years later and there are over 1300 FAWMers taking the challenge! So, in honor of all the greatness that is FAWM, this month's NRTs will feature FAWM artists and their music (whether it be FAWM created or not). Consider this week's Ear Candy link to be a preview of the great things to come.

And with that, let the onslaught of demo uploading begin!!