'In The Black'

Well, it's been all of three whole days and I've already switched my template. I have to say that I'm MUCH happier with this. The natural springy green was all well and good; but somewhat hard on the eyes, and really didn't fit my personality all that much. So now I'm 'in the black' and I can feel my blood pressure lower as my devil horns rise...

Also, please note that I'm getting a handle on my HTML(!) and my links are starting to come together. The first will remain as my 'musical selection' of the moment (although I see the name of the link changing to something more catchy). This will change periodically and you'll be able to link up to an album or artist I'm currently enjoying on the home PC, office PC, MP3, or living room sound system. Seriously, it's a reason to keep coming back because I have VERY eclectic taste in music. Everything from Mozart, to Metallica, to this week's pick - Matisyahu.

In other news, I got my first comment from an unknown! Should I be this excited? Probably not as this individual and their cronies use my nickname as another word for 'skunked' beer. How sad for me as I do adore my beer (especially
this and this) and would hate to see my 'name' be used in a negative way towards something I love so much. However, I fear that I will have to get by as these folks were most likely using the word WAY before I.


What's in a name anyway?

So, here we are on day two and I think that I should provide the 411 on the title and the address of this here blog. Let's start off with the title: Monkeyshines. The dictionary definition of the word monkeyshine is a playful or mischievous prank (often used in the plural form). Also, it seems that 'Monkeyshines' is the name of a 1988 movie, adapted from the book of the same name by Michael Stewart, where a little helper monkey with a part human brain becomes evil when her person starts to date again. This, I gotta read! However, neither of these inspired the title.

The title is derived from a nickname that my dear friend Nathan once used when speaking about me to another one of his friends. If you haven't figured it out by now, I adore monkeys. And as it turns out, my job is working with the little darlings (yes, cool, I know). So, when he was speaking to this said friend, he referred to me as 'Little Miss Monkeyshines'. Needless to say I found it rather endearing and decided to keep it. There, now you know.


Happy Paul Bunyan Day!

Yes, you read that correctly - it's Paul Bunyan Day. The legendary enormously large lumberjack who had a blue ox, named Babe, for a pet. Don't ask. I'm not certain why, but the folks in the northern woods of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan celebrate and even have statues erected to the man and his four legged friend. One of the originals (if not the original) is in Benidji, MN, but I personally like the one in Eau Claire, WI better.

So anyway, what better day for me (a former Wisconsinite) to enter the blogosphere. I'm not exactly sure as to where this is going to go, but at least it's started. Stay tuned for the further adventures of moi as I battle life in Washington DC (personal and professional), try to find my way in this world, and perhaps post pictures of my pets and friends if they're all game (well, the pets really have no say). Welcome to the wild ride that is MONKEYSHINES!